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June 22, 2024
Blockchain Technology

Vodafone using sim card tech for blockchain-based digital wallets on mobile phones

On this week’s episode of Yahoo Finance Future Focus, our host Brian McGleenon delves into the world of blockchain know-how with Vodafone Blockchain Lead and PairPoint CPO David Palmer. Palmer make clear Vodafone’s strategy to integrating blockchain with cell phone know-how, particularly via the utilisation of sim playing cards. He started by highlighting the sheer scale of cell phone utilization, with an anticipated 8 billion units in operation by 2023, after which emphasised the pivotal position of cellphones as the first gateway to digital purposes and commerce, underscoring the significance of leveraging sim card know-how for blockchain integration. The dialogue turned to the forecasted mass adoption of blockchain-based digital wallets on cellphones, with Palmer forcasting a surge to five.6 billion wallets by 2030. The episode delved into Vodafone’s PairPoint Digital Asset Dealer (DAB) platform, offering insights into how the platform facilitates seamless transactions throughout public blockchains like Ethereum, in addition to non-public ones, and the way it empowers IoT units with decentralised digital identities.

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