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Market Analysis

Weekly Crypto Report: Hacks, Market Trends, and the Latest in Blockchain and Web3

Welcome to your go-to supply for all issues Web3, Blockchain and Crypto! Our Weekly report dives into the freshest updates and game-changing developments within the fast-paced world. We curate the very best knowledge from trusted sources to maintain you forward of the curve. Prepared to remain knowledgeable and impressed? Let’s discover the most recent traits and insights collectively! 

1. Web3, Blockchain & Crypto Breaking Information This Week

Listed below are this week’s main breaking information reviews associated to Web3, Blockchain, and crypto that it’s best to by no means miss. 

  • Japanese Crypto Alternate DMM Bitcoin Hacked, Loses $305 Million

DMM Bitcoin Suffered a hack, dropping 4,502.9 bitcoins price $305 million. The alternate investigates and implements measures to forestall future assaults.

  • Riot Platforms Seeks to Purchase Bitfarms Ltd.

Riot Platforms goals to amass Bitfarms, proudly owning 9.25% and planning a public takeover provide regardless of Bitfarms’ board rejection.

  • Ramp Expands Crypto-to-Fiat Companies Throughout Europe

Ramp now helps SEPA cash transfers and over 35 native currencies, enabling seamless crypto cash-outs on to credit score and debit playing cards throughout Europe.

  • ENS Labs Proposes Growth to Layer-2 Protocols

ENS Labs suggests increasing Ethereum Identify Service to layer-2 scaling, making ‘.eth’ names cheaper and extra accessible, by no particular layer-2 community is chosen but.

  • Former FTX Co-CEO Ryan Salame Sentenced to Jail

Ryan Salame acquired a 90-month jail sentence for unlawful political contributions and unlicensed money-transmitting enterprise conspiracies.

  • ASI Alliance Finalise Merger, Launches New Token

Fetch.ai, SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol merge to kind the Synthetic Superintelligence Alliance, launching the ASI token, enhancing AI community scalability.

  • Argentina and El Salvador Talk about Bitcoin Adoption

Argentinian and Salvadoran officers met to debate enhancing Bitcoin adoption and leveraging EI Salvador’s expertise with digital property.

  • Donald Trump Opposes Central Financial institution Digital Foreign money

Trump vows to dam the creation of a central financial institution digital foreign money within the US if re-elected, making cryptocurrency a key election difficulty.

  • Caitlyn Jenner Promotes $JENNER Meme Coin.

Caitlyn Jenner promotes $JENNER, a meme coin on the Solana-based DEX pump. enjoyable, reaching a market cap of over $24 million regardless of group scepticism.

  • Worldcoin Challenge Halted by Hong Kong Privateness Regulator

Hong Kong’s PCPD ordered Worldcoin to cease operations on account of extreme biometric knowledge assortment, violating native privateness legal guidelines.     

2. Blockchain Weekly Evaluation

The blockchain weekly evaluation primarily covers the blockchain dominance evaluation and the blockchain 7-day change evaluation. In an effort to convey extra readability, the Layer 1 chains and Layer 2 chains are analysed individually. 

2.1. Blockchain Dominance Evaluation

Ethereum, TRON, BNB Sensible Chain, Solana, and Arbitrum One are the highest 5 blockchains as per dominance and TVL.  

Blockchains Dominance TVL
Ethereum 64.85% $65,327,694,474
TRON 8.21% $8,270,766,940
BNB Sensible Chain 5.25% $5,291,115,742
Solana 4.76% $4,796,403,295
Arbitrum One 3.08% $3,104,010,123
Others 13.85%

Among the many high 5 blockchains, Ethereum dominates with 64.85%. TRON and BNB Sensible Chain comply with with 8.21% and 5.25%, respectively. Solana and Arbitrum One mark 4.76% and three.08% dominance, respectively.

2.1.1. Prime 5 Layer 1 Chains By Dominance

Ethereum, BNB Sensible Chain, Solana, Bitcoin and Avalanche are the highest 5 Layer 1 Blockchain by dominance and TVL. 

Layer 1 Blockchains Dominance TVL
Ethereum 81.35% $65,397,387,128
BNB Sensible Chain 6.58% $5,292,935,843
Solana 5.97% $4,798,824,590
Bitcoin 1.42% $1,142,834,728
Avalanche 1.14% $914,650,933
Others 3.54%

Among the many high five-layer 1 chains, Ethereum dominates with 81.35%. BNB Sensible Chain and Solana comply with with 6.58% and 5.97%, respectively. Bitcoin data 1.42% dominance, and Avalanche reviews 1.14% dominance. 

2.1.2. Prime 5 Layer 2 Chains By Dominance

Arbitrum One, Blast, Base, Polygon POS, and Optimism are the highest 5 Layer 2 Blockchains on the idea of dominance and Complete Worth Locked. 

Layer 2 Blockchains Dominance TVL
Arbitrum One 28.51% $3,107,741,567
Blast 20.68% $2,254,576,560
Base 16.04% $1,748,575,639
Polygon POS 8.71% $949,220,251
Optimism 7.67% $836,324,225
Others 18.93%

Among the many high five-layer 2 chains, Arbitrum One dominates with 28.51%. Blast and Base intently comply with with 20.68% and 16.04%, respectively. Polygon POS reveals a dominance of 8.71%, and Optimism registers a dominance of seven.67%. 

2.2. Blockchain 7-Day Change Evaluation

Let’s analyse the highest 5 Layer 1 chains utilizing the 7-day change index. 

Layer 1 Blockchains 7-Day Change
Ethereum +1.8%
BNB Sensible Chain -4.4%
Solana +1.3%
Bitcoin -2.2%
Avalanche -8.5%

Solely two blockchains among the many high 5 L1 chains present a constructive seven-day change: Ethereum, which shows a seven-day change of +1.8%, and Solana, which shows a change of +1.3%. Conversely, Avalanche, BNB Sensible Chain, and Bitcoin show a damaging seven-day change. Avalanche reveals the very best damaging seven-day change (-8.5%). BNB Sensible Chain and Bitcoin comply with with -4.4% and -2.2%, respectively. 

Let’s analyse the highest 5 Layer 2 chains utilizing the 7-day change index. 

Layer 2 Blockchains 7-Day Change
Arbitrum One +1.7%
Blast +19.4%
Base +2.6%
Polygon POS -2.7%
Optimism -3.3%

Among the many high 5 L2 chains, at the least three blockchains show a constructive 7-day change. Blast reveals the very best constructive 7-day change of +19.4%. Base and Arbitrum One comply with with +2.6% and +1.7%, respectively. Optimism showcases the very best damaging 7-day change of -3.3%. Polygon POS follows with -2.7% change.  

3. Cryptocurrency Weekly Evaluation

The Cryptocurrency Weekly evaluation covers a variety of analyses, from the overall cryptocurrency market cap evaluation and the highest gainers and losers evaluation to the Stablecoin, Memecoin, AI Cash and Metaverse Cash analyses.  

3.1. Prime Cryptocurrency Classes By Market Cap

Layer 1 (LI), Sensible Contract Platform, Andreessen Horowitz Portfolio, Alameda Analysis Portfolio, and Alleged SEC Securities are the highest 5 cryptocurrency classes by Market Cap. The Layer 1 (L1) class, with a $2,088,167,099,227 market cap, is the one with the very best market cap. The Sensible Contract Platform class follows with a $770,415,441,846 market cap.      

Crypto Classes Market Cap 7-Day Change
Layer 1 (L1) $2,088,167,099,227 -1.0%
Sensible Contract Platform $770,415,441,846 +0.4%
Andreessen Horowitz Portfolio $623,160,252,002 +1.0%
Alameda Analysis Portfolio $569,768,419,193 +1.4%
Alleged SEC Securities $246,966,021,146 -3.1%

Among the many high 5 crypto classes, at the least three present a constructive 7-day change, although gentle in nature. Alameda Analysis Portfolio, Andreessen Horowitz Portfolio, and Sensible Contract Platform report +1.4%, +1.0% and +0.4% change, respectively. The most important damaging 7-day change is recorded by Alleged SEC Securities (-3.1%). The Layer 1 (L1) class follows with -1.0%.   

PolitiFi, Pantera Capital Portfolio, Alleged SEC Securities, DePIN, Sensible Contract Platform, and DWF Labs Portfolio are the highest six trending classes this week.    

Trending Classes Market Cap
PolitiFi $1,781,076,640
Pantera Capital Portfolio $89,238,479,901
Alleged SEC Securities $246,840,741,279
DePIN $30,253,587,021
Sensible Contract Platform $770,357,776,148
DWF Labs Portfolio $59,183,686,433

Among the many high six trending classes of the week, the Sensible Contract Platform class has the very best market cap of $770,357,776,148. The Alleged SEC Securities class follows with a $246,840,741,279 market cap. Pantera Capital Portfolio and DWF Labs Portfolio show $89,238,479,901 and $59,183,686,433 market cap, respectively.         

3.2. Prime Cryptocurrencies By Market Cap

The highest 5 cryptocurrencies by market cap are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, BNB, and Solana. Bitcoin has the very best market cap of $1,333,856,983,170. Ethereum follows with a market cap of $454,960,182,691. 

Cryptocurrencies Market Cap 7-Day Change
Bitcoin $1,333,856,983,170 -1.5%
Ethereum $454,960,182,691 +0.4%
Tether $112,102,885,363 -0.1%
BNB $91,680,517,280 -1.2%
Solana $76,795,835,981 -1.6%

Among the many high 5 cryptos, just one reveals a constructive 7-day change; Ethereum reviews a 7-day change of +0.4%. The best damaging change is recorded by Solana (-1.6%). Bitcoin and BNB comply with with -1.5% and -1.2%, respectively. Tether, probably the most distinguished stablecoin, shows a gentle change of -0.1%.  

MANTRA, Notcoin, Cunning, JasmyCoin, and Pepe are probably the most trending cryptocurrencies on the time of making ready this evaluation.  

Trending Cryptocurrencies Market Cap
MANTRA $610,502,346
Notcoin $1,293,303,319
Cunning $71,323,734
JasmyCoin $1,770,142,107
Pepe $6,419,889,652

Among the many high 5 trending cryptocurrencies of the week, Pepe, a preferred Memecoin, has the very best market cap of $6,419,889,652. JasmyCoin and Notcoin comply with with $1,770,142,107 and $1,293,303,319, respectively. MANTRA shows a market cap of $610,502,346. Cunning registers a brief market cap of $71,323,734.       

3.2.2. Prime Gainers & Losers This Week

Beercoin, Tremendous Trump, MINATIVERSE, LandWolf and Notcoin are the week’s high gainers as per the 7-day achieve index.  

Prime Gainers 7-Day Achieve
Beercoin +745.6%
Tremendous Trump +307.0%
LandWolf +236.6%
Notcoin +162.0%

Beercoin marks the very best 7-day achieve of +745.6%. Tremendous Trump and MINATIVERSE comply with with +307.0% and +296.5%, respectively. LandWolf reviews a 7-day change of +236.6%, and Notcoin data a 7-day achieve of +162.0%. 

Harambe on Solana, Apu Apustaja, The Doge NFT, OpSec, and enqAI are the highest losers of the week as per the 7-day loss index.   

Prime Losers 7-Day Loss
Harambe on Solana -53.9%
Apu Apustaja -44.8%
The Doge NFT -43.1%
OpSec -41.2%
enqAI -40.1%

Harambe on Solana marks the very best 7-day lack of -53.9%. Apu Apustaja and The Doge NFT comply with with -44.8% and -43.1%, respectively. OpSec and enqAI show -41.2% and -40.1% 7-day loss, respectively. 

3.3. Prime Stablecoins Evaluation

Tether, USDC, Dai, Ethena USDe, and First Digital USD are the highest 5 stablecoins as per market cap.  

Stablecoins Market Cap
Tether $111,812,258,509
USDC $32,336,510,399
Dai $5,303,873,042
Ethena USDe $2,999,857,950
First Digital USD $2,902,433,891

Among the many high stablecoins, Tether has the very best market cap of $111,812,258,509. USDC and Dai comply with with $32,336,510,399 and $5,303,873,042 market cap, respectively. Ethena USDe and First Digital USD mark $2,999,857,950 and $2,902,433,891 market cap, respectively.     

3.4. Prime Memecoins 7-Day Change Evaluation

Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Pepe, dogwifhat, and FLOKI are the highest 5 Memecoins as per market cap. Dogecoin has the very best market cap of $23,012,805,115. Shiba Inu and Pepe comply with with $14,884,794,410 and $6,426,728,734 market cap, respectively. 

Memecoins Market Cap 7-Day Change
Dogecoin $23,012,805,115 -3.3%
Shiba Inu $14,884,794,410 +2.3%
Pepe $6,426,728,734 +1.7%
dogwifhat $3,337,699,708 +16.2%
FLOKI $2,481,188,793 +14.0%

Among the many high 5 Memecoins, solely Dogecoin reveals a damaging 7-day change; it marks a change of -3.3%. Dogwifhat shows the very best 7-day change of +16.2%. FLOKI intently follows with +14.0%. Shiba Inu and Pepe showcase +2.3% and +1.7% change, respectively. 

3.5. Prime AI Cash 7-Day Change Evaluation

NEAR Protocol, Web Laptop, Fetch.ai, Render, and The Graph are the highest 5 AI Cash as per market cap. NEAR Protocol has the very best market cap of $7,789,058,588 . Web Laptop and Fetch.ai intently comply with with $5,578,204,219 and $5,372,352,253 market cap, respectively.  

AI Cash Market Cap 7-Day Change
NEAR Protocol $7,789,058,588 -9.8%
Web Laptop $5,578,204,219 -2.8%
Fetch.ai $5,372,352,253 -9.1%
Render $3,892,248,710 -2.4%
The Graph $2,839,397,653 -8.0%

All the highest 5 AI cash present a damaging 7-day change. The best damaging 7-day change is recorded by NEAR Protocol (-9.8%). Fetch.ai and The Graph comply with with -9.1% and -8.0%, respectively. Web Laptop registers a -2.8% change, and Render data a -2.4% change. 

3.6. Prime Metaverse Cash 7-Day Change Evaluation

Render, FLOKI, Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Decentraland are the highest 5 Metaverse Cash on the idea of market cap. Render has the very best market cap of $3,886,518,932. FLOKI, Axie Infinity, and The Sandbox intently comply with with $2,458,516,480, $1,081,176,676 and $979,500,947 market cap, respectively. 

Metaverse Cash Market Cap 7-Day Change
Render $3,886,518,932 -2.4%
FLOKI $2,458,516,480 +14.0%
Axie Infinity $1,081,176,676 -7.4%
The Sandbox $979,500,947 -5.5%
Decentraland $829,832,623 -3.0%

Among the many high 5 Metaverse cash, just one coin reveals a constructive 7-day change; FLOKI data a 7-day change of +14.0%. The biggest damaging 7-day change is reported by Axie Infinity (-7.4%). The Sandbox and Decentraland comply with with -5.5% and -3.0%, respectively. Render reviews a minimal 7-day change of -2.4%.  

4. Crypto ETF Weekly Evaluation

The crypto ETF weekly evaluation covers Bitcoin Spot ETFs, Bitcoin Futures ETFs, and Ethereum Futures ETFs. 

4.1. Bitcoin Spot ETF Worth Change Evaluation

GBTC, IBIT, FBTC, ARKB and BITB are the highest 5 Bitcoin Spot ETFs primarily based on Asset Beneath Administration. GBTC marks the very best AUM of $24.33B. IBIT intently follows with an AUM of $17.24B. 

Bitcoin Spot ETFs Worth Change AUM
Grayscale (GBTC) $60.09 -1.56% $24.33B
BlackRock (IBIT) $38.55 -1.56% $17.24B
Constancy  (FBTC) $59.16 -1.65% $9.90B
Ark/21 Shares (ARKB) $67.55 -1.75% $2.85B
Bitwise (BITB) $36.85 -1.65% $2.16B

All the highest 5 Bitcoin Spot ETFs mark a damaging change. Ark/21 Shares’s ARKB data the very best damaging change of -1.75%. Each Constancy’ FBTC and Bitwise’s BITB comply with with the identical change worth of -1.65%. Grayscale’s GBTC and BlackRock’s IBIT, each, report the identical worth of -1.56%. 

4.2. Bitcoin Futures ETF Worth Change Evaluation

BITO, XBTF, BTF, BITS, and ARKA are the highest 5 Bitcoin Futures ETFs as per Asset Beneath Administration. BITO has the very best AUM of $598.78M. XBTF follows with $42.41M AUM. 

Bitcoin Futures ETFs Worth Change AUM
ProShares (BITO) $27.28 -2.12% $598.78M
VanEck (XBTF) $39.22 +0.33% $42.41M
Valkyrie (BTF) $21.07 -0.61% $38.20M
World X (BITS) $66.37 -2.45% $26.10M
Ark/21 Shares (ARKA) $65.26 +2.00% $8.01M

Among the many high 5 Bitcoin Futures ETFs, at the least two mark a constructive change; Ark/21 Share’s ARKA and VanEck’s XBTF register +2.00% and +0.33% change, respectively. The best damaging change is reported by World X’s BITS (-2.45%). ProShares’s BITO intently follows with -2.12% change. Valkyrie’s BTF additionally showcases a minimal change of -0.61%. 

4.3. Ethereum Futures ETF Worth Change Evaluation

BITW, BTF, EFUT, EETH, and AETH are the highest 5 Ethereum Futures ETFs primarily based on Asset Beneath Administration. BITW has the very best AUM of $478.00M. BTF follows with $25.93M AUM.  

Ethereum Futures ETFs Worth Change AUM
Bitwise (BITW) $37.05 +0.10% $478.00M
Valkyrie (BTF) $21.07 -0.61% $25.93M
VanEck (EFUT) $29.25 +0.58% $7.84M
ProShares (EETH) $81.83 +0.38% $6.43M
Bitwise (AETH) $49.50 +0.15% $585.75K

Among the many high 5 Ethereum Futures ETFs, just one shows a damaging change; Valkyrie’s BTF reveals a change of -0.61%. Others showcase a constructive change, although minimal in nature. The best constructive change is marked by VanEck’ EFUT (+0.58%). ProShare’s EETH, Bitwise’s AETH and Bitwise’s BITW comply with with +0.38%, +0.15% and +0.10%, respectively.     

5. DeFi Protocols Weekly Evaluation

Lido, EigenLayer, AAVE, Maker and JustLend are the highest 5 DeFi protocols as per Complete Worth Locked. Lido marks the very best TVL of $36.002B. EigenLayer and AAVE comply with with $19.109B and $13.008B, respectively. 

DeFi Protocols TVL 7-Day Change
Lido $36.002B +2.88%
EigenLayer $19.109B +3.09%
AAVE $13.008B +0.40%
Maker $8.87B -1.67%
JustLend $6.502B -2.23%

Among the many high 5 DeFi Protocols, at the least three report a constructive 7-day change. EigenLayer registers the very best constructive change of +3.9%. Lido and AACE comply with with +2.88% and +0.40%, respectively. Conversely, JustLend reviews the very best damaging change of -2.23%. Maker follows with -1.67% change.  

6. Crypto Alternate Weekly Evaluation

6.1. Prime Crypto Centralised Exchanges

Binance, Coinbase Alternate, Bybit, WhiteBIT, and OKX are the highest 5 crypto centralised exchanges on the idea of Month-to-month Visits. 

Crypto Centralised Exchanges Month-to-month Visits Belief Rating
Binance 75.3M 9/10
Coinbase Alternate 46.3M 10/10
Bybit 31M 10/10
WhiteBIT 24.8M 8/10
OKX 24.1M 10/10

Among the many high 5 crypto centralised exchanges by Month-to-month Visits, Binance has the very best variety of month-to-month visits of 75.3M. Coinbase Alternate and Bybit intently comply with with 46.3M and 31M month-to-month visits, respectively. WhiteBIT marks 24.8M month-to-month visits and OKX 24.1M. 

Of those exchanges, at the least three, Coinbase Alternate, Bybit, and OKX, report a ten/10 belief rating. Binance reveals 9/10 belief rating and WhiteBIT 8/10.   

6.2. Prime Crypto Decentralised Exchanges

Uniswap V3 (Ethereum), Jupiter, Orca, Uniswap V3 (Arbitrum One), and Rydium are the highest 5 crypto decentralised exchanges on the idea of Market Share by Quantity.   

Crypto Decentralised Exchanges % Market Share by Quantity 24-Hour Quantity
Uniswap V3 (Ethereum) 21.4% $1,165,265,584
Jupiter 13.6% $739,042,874
Orca 6.5% $351,937,928
Uniswap V3 (Arbitrum One) 6.1% $332,249,299
Raydium 5.3% $287,529,813

Among the many high 5 decentralised crypto exchanges, Uniswap V3 (Ethereum) has the very best marke share by quantity in per cent of 21.4%. Jupiter follows with 13.6%. Orca, Uniswap V3 (Arbitrum One), and Raydium register 6.5%, 6.1% and 5.3%, respectively.  

6.3. Prime Crypto Spinoff Exchanges

Binance (Futures), Bybit(Futures), Deepcoin (Derivatives), Bitget Futures, and CoinW (Futures) are the highest 5 crypto spinoff exchanges by 24-hour open curiosity. 

Crypto Spinoff Exchanges 24-Hour Open Curiosity 24-Hour Quantity
Binance (Futures) $21,163,375,400 $48,434,469,183
Bybit (Futures) $13,529,713,119 $15,858,146,927
Deepcoin (Derivatives) $11,096,765,826 $6,534,055,599
Bitget Futures $10,764,440,969 $15,882,809,660
CoinW (Futures) $7,914,807,900 $26,636,487,009

Among the many high 5 crypto spinoff exchanges, Binance (Futures) has the very best 24-hour Open Curiosity of $21,163,375,400. Bybit (Futures) and DeepCoin (Derivatives) comply with with $13,529,713,119 and $11,096,765,826, respectively. Of those exchanges, Binance (Futures) marks the very best quantity of $48,434,469,183. CoinW (Futures) follows with $26,636,487,009 quantity.         

7. NFT Market Weekly Evaluation

Blur, Blur Aggregator, Cryptopunks, Gem, X2Y2, and Gem are the highest 5 NFT Marketplaces by Market Share. Blur has the very best market share of 68.79%. Blur Aggregator and Cryptopunks comply with with 23.38% and 4.43% market share, respectively. 

NFT Marketplaces Market Share Quantity Change (Change of final 7-D Quantity over the Earlier 7-D Quantity)
Blur 68.79% -25.81%
Blur Aggregator 23.38% -32.53%
Cryptopunks 4.43% -9.93%
X2Y2 1.30% +113%
Gem 0.96% -0.62%

Among the many high 5 NFT marketplaces, just one reveals a constructive quantity change; X2Y2 data an enormous change of +113%. The best damaging change is recorded by the Blur Aggregator (-32.53%). Blur intently follows with -25.81%. Cryptopunks show a change of -9.93%. Gem registers a minimal change of -0.62%. 

7.1. Prime NFT Collectibles This Week

Azuki #3374, $ORDI BRC-20 NFTs #8b1e444e, BOOGLE #Ai822dfBR7, CryptoPunks #9461, and CryptoPunks #1714 are the highest NFT collectables primarily based on Worth. 

NFT Collectibles Worth
Azuki #3374 $393,112.31
$ORDI BRC-20 NFTs #8b1e444e $305,258.05
BOOGLE #Ai822dfBR7 $206,935.53
CryptoPunks #9461 $160,409.63
CryptoPunks #1714 $160,409.63

Azuki #3374 marks the very best worth of $393,112.31. $ORDI BRC-20 NFTs #8b1e444e and BOOGLE #Ai822dfBR7 comply with with $305,258.05 and $206,935.53 worth, respectively. CryptoPunks #9461 reviews $160,409.63 worth, and CryptoPunks #1714 registers $160,409.63 worth.        

8. Web3, Blockchain & Crypto Funding Evaluation

8.1. Crypto Fundraising Pattern

Week Funds Raised Variety of Fundraising Rounds
Might 27 – June 2, 2024 $348.10M 38
Might 20 – 26, 2024 $250.47M 32

This week, the crypto sector has to date raised practically $348.10M, increased than the earlier yr’s worth of $250.47M. 

8.2. Most Energetic Buyers This Week

Animoca Manufacturers, DWF Labs, Blockchain Founders Fund, SNZ Holdings, and The Spartan are probably the most lively traders this week, primarily based on the variety of offers.   

Buyers (or Fund’s Identify) Offers (26 Might – 1 June, 2024) Investments Lead Investments
Animoca Manufacturers 7 6 1
DWF Labs 3 2 1
Blockchain Founders Fund 3 2 1
SNZ Holdings 3 2 1
The Spartan Group 3 3 0

Among the many most lively traders, Animoca Manufacturers data the very best variety of offers of seven, of which at the least 6 are investments and one lead funding. DWF Labs, Blockchain Founders Fund, SNZ Holdings, and The Spartan Group mark three offers every; amongst them, The Spartan Group data no lead investments, however others register a deal every.  

8.3. Crypto Fundraising By Class

Blockchain Infrastructure, Blockchain Companies, CeFi, Chain, DeFi, GameFi, NFT and Social are the classes raised funds this week. 

Class Variety of Fundraising Rounds (Might 27 – June 2, 24) Funds Raised
Blockchain Infrastructure 6 $98.50M
Blockchain Companies 5 $170.30M
CeFi 2 $7.25M
Chain 3 $8.30M
DeFi 9 $34.20M
GameFi 8 $23.80M
Social 5 $5.75M

Blockchain Companies is the class that raised the very best quantity of $170.30M. Blockchain Infrastructure follows with $98.50M. DeFi and GameFi present $34.20M and $23.80M funds raised, respectively. Chain, CeFi and Social report $8.30M, $7.25M, and $5.75M, respectively.    

8.4. Prime Crypto Funding Areas

Aside from the undisclosed class, Singapore, the US, China, Switzerland, Cayman Islands, and Colombia are the highest crypto funding areas, on the idea of funds raised.  

Funding Location Funds Raised (Might 26 – June 1, 2024) Funds Raised % Variety of Rounds
Singapore $150.00M 43% 2
Undisclosed $93.65M 27% 23
United States $86.45M 25% 6
China $6.00M 2% 1
Switzerland $5.00M 1% 1
Cayman Island $4.00M 1% 1
Colombia $3.00M 1% 1

Singapore is the topmost crypto funding location, with $150.00M funds raised. The Undisclosed class is the one which follows with $93.65M. The US, the third highest crypto funding location, data $86.45M funds raised. China, Switzerland, Cayman Island, and Colombia mark $6.00M, $5.00M, $4.0M and $3.00M, respectively. 

8.5. Most Energetic Crypto VC Jurisdictions

The US, Singapore, China, the UK, Switzerland, and the UAE are probably the most lively crypto enterprise capital jurisdictions.  

Crypto VC Jurisdiction Variety of Tasks (Might 26 – June 1, 2024)
The US 69
Singapore 20
China 17
The UK 6
Switzerland 5
The UAE 5

The US, with 69 initiatives, is the highest most enterprise capital jurisdiction this week. Singapore and China comply with with 20 and 17 initiatives, respectively. The UK reveals six initiatives, and Switzerland and the UAE, each, report 5 initiatives every.  

9. Net 3, Blockchain & Crypto Hack Updates

The entire worth hacked is $8.2B. The entire worth hacked in DeFi is $5.96B, and complete worth hacked in Bridges is $2.83 billion. 

Complete Worth Hacked $8.2B

Complete Worth Hacked in DeFi$5.96BComplete Worth Hacked in Bridges $2.83B

Challenge Identify Quantity Misplaced Date
DMM Bitcoin $305M 31 Might, 2024
Gala $22M 20 Might, 2024
ALEX $23.9M 16 Might. 2024
pump.enjoyable $2M 16 Might, 2024
Sonne Finance $20M 15 Might, 2024

DMM Bitcoin, Gala, ALEX, pump.enjoyable and Sonne Finance are the highest 5 mission hacks reported this month. The Sonne Finance hack is the primary reported this month. On this hack reported on fifteenth Might, 2024, the mission misplaced practically $20M. ALEX and pump.enjoyable had been reported on sixteenth Might. Within the ALEX hack, practically $23.9M was misplaced. Within the pump.enjoyable hack, solely $2M was misplaced. It’s the smallest hack this month when it comes to the quantity misplaced. Within the Gala hack, reported on twentieth Might, practically $22M had been misplaced. The DMM Bitcoin hack, reported on thirty first Might, 2024, is the most recent hack. The hack resulted in an enormous lack of $305M, which is the worst loss reported in latest historical past.  


This report comprehensively analyses the present efficiency of assorted blockchains and cryptocurrencies, together with Bitcoin, Altcoins, Stablecoins, AI Cash, Memecoins and Metaverse. It highlights trending cash, high gainers and losers, and delves into Crypto ETFs equivalent to Bitcoin Spot ETFS, Bitcoin Futures ETFs, and Ethereum Futures ETFs. Moreover, it examines centralised, decentralised, and derivatives crypto exchanges, DeFi protocols, and NFT marketplaces. The report additionally covers crypto fundraising actions, distinguished traders, key funding areas, and notable crypto hacks reported these days.  

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