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Blockchain Technology

‘A Great Case For The Blockchain That Isn’t Speculative Or Particularly Flashy’ By Benzinga

Benzinga – Alexis Ohanian, a co-founder of Reddit, foresees a future the place synthetic intelligence (AI) and blockchain know-how, the spine of the favored cryptocurrency Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC), intersect, producing a recent demand for picture verification.

What Occurred: Ohanian expressed his ideas on social media platform X on Thursday. As per his submit, he envisions a state of affairs the place the development of AI and blockchain know-how will complement one another.

Ohanian identified that AI is resulting in a vast availability of photographs, leading to an overflow of them on the web. This abundance, he argues, will create a state of affairs the place the genuineness of photographs will probably be questionable.

Nonetheless, he foresees a future the place the units capturing these photographs might additionally embed a technique to verify a picture’s origin on an unalterable international ledger, or blockchain. This software might present a sensible use for blockchain know-how past mere hypothesis.

“Instantly, you have got an awesome case for the blockchain that isn’t speculative or notably flashy – it’s utility,” he stated within the submit.

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