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Blockchain Technology

Justin Sun Believes Integrating BTT With AI Computing Will Boost the Blockchain Industry — TradingView News

Key points:


  • According to Justin Sun, integrating BTT with AI computing will boost the blockchain industry.
  • Sun considers BitTorrent’s user base a significant factor in achieving the proposed digital revolution.
  • The integration will be pivotal for the future of blockchain technology, according to Sun.



According to Justin Sun, TRON’s founder, integrating BitTorrent’s BTT token with artificial intelligence (AI) computing represents a significant forthcoming breakthrough in the blockchain industry. Sun stated this in a thread on X, explaining why he considers it a revolution in digital technology.

The integration of #BTT with AI computing represents a significant forthcoming breakthrough in the blockchain industry. #BitTorrent, with its billion-strong global user base and highly distributed network of nodes, stands at the forefront of this revolution.

Mar 05, 2024

In his explanation, Sun cited BitTorrent’s “billion-strong global user base and highly distributed network of nodes” as a significant factor in its development. The founder highlighted that the nodes can earn BTT through computational tasks. According to Sun, that would aid AI in achieving content delivery networks (CDN), distributed computing, and other requirements.

Furthermore, Sun noted that the synergy goes beyond ensuring the computational power necessary for AI technologies and enhances decentralized support. Moreover, he believes it represents a pivotal moment for the future of blockchain technology.

Meanwhile, Sun thinks AI technologies, particularly those involving machine learning and deep learning, require substantial computational power for data processing and model training. According to him, that necessitated reliance on centralized cloud computing services. Therefore incurring significant costs and centralizing control over AI’s developmental infrastructure.

Summarizing his opinion, Sun noted that integrating BTT and AI computing offers an alternative by distributing the computational load across BitTorrent’s global network of nodes. He considers it an approach that democratizes access to AI technology by lowering operational costs. In addition, Sun believes the integration aligns with the core principles of blockchain technology, including decentralization, transparency, and security.


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