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Global Blockchain Show Dubai curated by VAP Group, is set to take place at the Grand Hyatt Dubai on 16-17 April, 2024. The two-day event aims to bring a global audience of over 7,000 attendees along with a lineup of more than 300 speakers and over 120 sponsors.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates–(Newsfile Corp. – December 26, 2023) – The Global Blockchain Show is poised to attract professionals from industries looking to connect and network. Decision makers will be in attendance with startups making up 46% of participants to reach heights, while corporates account for 41% seeking to push technological boundaries even further. Additionally, investors and government officials will join this dialogue offering their perspectives to ignite change and drive progress. Attendees will meet top experts and entrepreneurs in the blockchain world.

Global Blockchain Show is curated by VAP Group. Since 2013, VAP Group has emerged as a prominent player in the blockchain and AI industry. As the mastermind behind the Global Blockchain Show, VAP Group has meticulously crafted an exclusive platform tailored for diverse blockchain and AI businesses. With industry-leading experts, the firm extends its expertise to a spectrum of blockchain enterprises, offering strategic solutions and innovative business strategies for almost a decade. The show will be an immersive experience, where innovation, expertise, and growth seamlessly unite in the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology.

Participants in this show will have the ability to stay informed about the latest trends, establish new connections with professionals in their field and discover potential partners and clients, explore investment prospects, and obtain valuable insights into regulatory matters. Furthermore, it provides a platform for companies to present their projects to a wider audience.

Vishal Parmar, CEO, VAP group stated, “In today’s era, innovation holds value, and the Global Blockchain Show will act as the catalyst for this transformation. It serves as a hub where ideas converge with opportunities, cultivating the advancements that will shape economies.”

Dubai, the city that is hosting this event, is widely recognized for its progress and innovation. Its commitment to promoting a culture makes it an ideal backdrop for such an occasion. The city’s developed infrastructure, progressive policies, and its status as a business hub create an environment that nurtures the flourishing blockchain industry.

Global Blockchain Show invites leaders and enthusiasts worldwide to exchange insights and explore ways blockchain can contribute to global prosperity.

Global Blockchain Show, taking place in Dubai, is officially supported and curated by CryptoNewZ.

For more information visit: Global Blockchain Show.

About Global Blockchain Show:

Global Blockchain Show is the premiere web3 platform where thought leaders from the Web3 ecosystem and projects gather under one roof to share their insights and discuss future opportunities in the web3 space. This show brings together the global Web3 humans and creates exceptional opportunities like networking, learning, leadership sessions, project showcases, and much more. The Global Blockchain Show will help you explore what’s new, and upcoming about the space.

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